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Message posted 28 Jun 2011 10:27 PM Posted: 28 Jun 2011 10:27 PM

Hello again. It's been a few days since I put out my request for any pictures or videos of things that relate to our industry. I am seeing that a good number of folks are seeing my request but I am getting little response. I have put out my request personally to 2 men within the CSDA that I respect very much and have known for years, hopefully I will get some response sometime soon.

If it would help I would like to explain why I am looking for pictures and videos... quite simply I am trying answer a question that has been posed to me many times over the years with everyones help in a slightly creative way. The question is..."What do you do for a living?". My standard response is that I "cut concrete". And see if they are know what we do, or if they are an office type that has no clue what it is.

I figured it would be fun to get photos and videos from around the country and the world that would show alot of different perspectives of a somewhat similar task that we all do. Different landscapes and equiptment than a person that lives in Kansas City and primarily is a service type cutter. I do it all but usually floor cut(suspended and slab) and wall cut.

I am looking for things from you that inspired you to pull out the camera. A bragging board of sorts. The things that typically would get shoved into a dark spot and noone will see again. I love the industry we are in and hate it at the same time(or at least my back hates it). I just wanna do something fun.


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Message posted 16 Jun 2011 5:27 PM Posted: 16 Jun 2011 5:27 PM


Can you send me any pics or videos that you may have relating to cutting/coring that are interesting? Since I have been cutting I have been taking pictures of interesting jobs, none of which are digital until recently. And now that I have a fancy phone I can occasionally take videos of things like big wall drops or picking a huge piece. Sometimes it's hard to do because I primarily work alone. I was wanting to compile a nice amount of a variety of what we do to make a video to share on this site and youtube. It would be a bonus if anyone in the pictures or videos is using proper personal protective equiptment. Thanks in advance for any response.  My email is

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